Instavolt X Nibc
News Release 16 Dec 2022 10:00 CEST

Accelerating the shift towards electric driving: expanding EV charging network


NIBC enables InstaVolt to expand its reliable and easy-to-use EV Charging network. The company is aiming to build a nationwide network of 10,000 rapid EV chargers by 2032, facilitating the fast transition to electric vehicles. In this financing NIBC was part of a lending club with Santander, Lloyds Bank, Investec and Natixis.

This deal has been awarded at Proximo Europe 2023 for "Europe Transport Deal of the Year 2022" 🏆. 

We are proud to be supporting InstaVolt with this financing and would like to congratulate InstaVolt and EQT for winning this award! 

Energy transition

This financing represents an exciting milestone for the NIBC Infrastructure team, being the first debt financing in the energy transition space. It reflects NIBC’s ambitions to support the roll-out of EV charging infrastructure. NIBC finances energy transitions for clients who are leading the way in areas such as EV charging infrastructure, electricity grid balancing and storage infrastructure in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany.

Let's join forces to accelerate the shift towards EV!

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Adrian Keen,
CEO InstaVolt:

“Having such prestigious banks come together to provide this facility is a sure sign of confidence in InstaVolt and the opportunity provided by the charging infrastructure industry more generally. We are witnessing a rapid transition to electric vehicles, and it is of fundamental importance that the infrastructure is in place to support that!”

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